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  1. Add new Menu Option in E3D
  2. list collection from external txt file
  3. Aveva API and Macros Documentation
  4. Macro for auto annotation in draw
  5. Aveva Marine API to get Application Instance
  7. Zoom In and Zoom Out Api
  8. Sub-Equipment Origin
  9. PML Help Required for Support Code.
  10. E3d - foundation modelling macro
  11. Report
  12. Weld Gap / Weld Spool - Report
  13. Negative fitting volume
  14. weld report
  15. Collect with condition
  16. Underground pipe elements collection
  17. PDMS marco cannot use it on E3D
  18. Missed out items from excel list
  19. RGB color method for review file extraction
  20. collection or list into 'My data' collection
  21. Exporting .STP file from PDMS
  22. Toolbar customization
  23. Not able to pdms macro in E3D
  24. How to genarate rvm automatically in specific time each day
  25. Naming Macro
  26. Cut piece control
  27. Looking for a Macro that can modify structural elements
  28. Macro run
  29. Model Library Macros
  30. Shortcut/ Macro to update all view in one sheet for Draft Module
  31. Angle of Olet
  32. C# Mixed mode assembly is built against version v2.0.50727 of the runtime
  33. collect elements and delete exact duplicates
  34. Query UDA by C# script
  35. Set Colour (using RGB format) of Model in C#
  36. Get hierarchy of active Model in C#
  37. Command Window through C# addin in marine?
  38. how to get 3d view position in marine
  39. AUTONAMING macro -IFTRUE statement
  40. How to check unused IDLIST in drawing and delete them
  41. 'From' 'To' ' 'ENU value of CE or element in drawlist
  42. Pipe length mto mac
  43. Offset position or pick offset tool
  44. Getting 'External Component Error' while running pml mac by C#
  45. Read pml.index from updated PMLLIB source without rehash
  46. Pin
  47. Number of array in a string
  48. Check two elements in PDMS to see the difference. it is possible?
  49. How to report the result of your macro as notepad or csv file?
  50. Getting this error "Unlocking a page that is not locked"
  51. Anyone can give me a excercise of pml macro from basic to difficult.
  52. Anyone have this tool AutoCad 3D to PDMS primitives?
  53. Macro to run for my collection list
  54. Navis attributes .att
  55. Collect and mark
  56. License Executable file names