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  1. To know units
  2. PMLLIB Primary and Secondary
  3. Use of Substring.....
  4. few lines execute in one ?
  5. Pml for identify pipe comp in pdms and e3d
  6. Line Wise MTO
  7. Array Totalling
  8. PDMS H&S Evars
  9. Concatenation
  10. I need to write a one form combination that will create the bolts lenghts @flanges
  11. Mark atle/ltle
  12. can we count character in text box??
  13. How to encrypt PML files??
  14. C# Addin - get current tolerance values
  15. To know name of secondary support
  16. output file into new folder created
  17. syntax to print the values of array
  18. Menu and Toolbar equivalent of !!PmlForms
  19. Aveva release a pml edit tool: Pml studio 1.1
  20. Change Value of param of scom by command
  21. how to use the MATCHWILD with 3rd and 4th Parameter
  22. Line, Plan, intersection
  23. Size of volume
  24. Raycast in PDMS
  25. Query set up directory
  26. Insualation for tubi
  27. Collecting valves for clash test
  28. Tangent Line in Panel
  29. $$ meaning
  30. RVM Export - each member to separate file
  31. Name of reference in PML2
  32. Trouble with calculations in PDMS 12.1
  33. macro for making normal line into sloped lines
  34. Mtoref simple macro
  35. Change Spref
  36. need short macro for converting nozzles to cyli
  37. How to rename all the objects?
  38. Collect ATTA at view in Draft
  39. need help with macro for collecting data
  40. AVEVA C# Grid Query
  41. matchwild for uda
  42. attribute projid on database level from admin module through pml2
  43. Substring
  44. subtottaling of array
  45. (47,32) CP: Missing ESC-> terminator in macro argument
  46. Pml for moving and rotation animation of e3d-pdms
  47. Problem understanding IF COnstruct
  48. Aveva E3D and PDMS Calculator
  49. How to check whether the array is empty or not
  50. Command for print grpahics option
  51. How to check the type of value in a varaible?
  52. about form attribute
  53. Grid control problem
  54. Naming the file based on pipe name
  55. PML NET issues
  56. array unique value index no finding
  57. PML for Creating Simple Tank for Aveva E3D and PDMS
  58. how to change to the event-driven graphics mode with .net?
  59. PML for Checking usermod and lastmod for Aveva E3D and PDMS
  60. Pml for identify user modify and last date modify
  61. Pml moving and rotation animation of aveva e3d-pdms
  62. How to set a carriage return in PML?
  63. Is there a method to clear all filters from GridControl?
  64. Meaning of method .init() in pmlform
  65. Fatal error detected by SPLASH
  66. E3D Menus
  67. How to append more value into an UDA
  69. how to add numeric data to a dotnet grid and use it as number
  70. Variable time in pml
  71. Syscom 'notepad... blocks parent form
  72. Dabacon message
  73. How to query all methods defined in an object?
  74. PML for load DB Listing File from PDMS and E3D
  75. PML Code for load DB Listing File from PDMS and E3D
  76. Get filtered rows from netGridControl?
  77. Form Import SDNF and ASCII File Of TEKLA to PDMS and Aveva E3E
  78. PML for PDMS and Aveva E3D Administrator
  79. How to export array in Txt file
  80. collect and count
  81. PML for Propcon Module of PDMS and Aveva E3D
  82. Load PML or Macro in Specon Module
  83. Pml for moving and rotation of aveva pdms and e3d
  84. PML For Specon and Paragon of PDMS and Aveva E3D
  85. Can any one explain about $n.
  86. PML for Status Progress in PDMS and Aveva E3D
  87. PML for input and modify pipe uda of PDMS and Aveva E3D
  88. Can we position pmlobjects
  89. How do you show an Option gadget in front of a PIX MAP in a form?
  90. Nwei('only')
  91. Please help with pmlnet events
  92. Move fitting
  93. FoldUPFrame - sitewards ?
  94. Change Option gadget
  95. Selected Stellwork size
  96. what is the purpose of inset word in pml
  97. PML 1 function to convert DATETIME to STRING
  98. Break any DO loop by ESC button
  99. What is the best version contol system to use with PML?
  100. Description from Uda Value
  101. Sort and Sub Total in Grid Control
  102. Save as XLSX
  103. Set initial value for text gadget in pml1
  104. How to place a logo in MTO excel
  105. Macros Mapping Controls
  106. Can I use dll Files delivered with PDMS 12.1Sp2 in developing Addins for PDMS 12.0?
  107. Difficulty while getting STVVAL attribute in C# addin
  108. Use time variable in file naming ??
  109. Report Designer
  110. How to write macro from below snap shot
  111. pml : remove list from list
  112. Some basic Queries in PML
  113. Name
  114. Attribute value in a specific session
  115. golabel purpose and how to use
  116. Counting of quantity in MTO
  117. Collect all bran within Stru and within zone
  118. Adding information to Tool Tip
  119. If construct
  120. EQUI with created by mistake on it “sub equip”
  121. Member Description from Owner
  122. Type mismatch pdms error while collecting data in variable
  123. File name from Variable thro Do loop
  124. PML1 and PML 2 detail manual
  125. How to clear and array type attribute?
  126. How to get value of UDA by pml.Net
  127. How to catch a C#.Net Event in PML
  128. Split the words as Variable
  129. Tubi mto with mtoc expression
  130. collect connected pipe
  131. How to open a PDF file base on CE name
  132. PMLFolderBrowser
  133. Problem with Collecting + wildmatch and attribute AHLIS
  134. How to Find Intersect of two structural members
  135. Report Designer (Summary field and Calculated fields)
  136. Deleting Repetative Glab
  137. HI
  138. Problem with object arc
  139. array from array into string ;)
  140. Top of steel Elevation
  141. Object to STRING ?
  142. Save an array
  143. How to get Angle & perpendicular Direction wit respect to P-point 1 & 2
  144. How to search an element by name as fast as we type in CE text filed
  145. How to set value for an UDA in PML .Net?
  146. PML NET using app.config
  147. How to define number of digit of SHEETN in isometric option file
  148. Notepad++ advanced help
  149. Rule Verify All result to a Variable
  150. Sample Collection Using PML .Net
  151. may I get the detail of a deleted element
  152. How to get ref of panel vertex using graphical selection?
  153. Invoke PDMS Report Designer
  154. How to add relevant attributes to navigation
  155. EDGPACKET object in c#
  156. Pml uda check
  157. Difference between DBREF and reference number
  158. Import the data from PDMS to update the P&ID
  159. dotnet OpenMDB fail
  160. Highlight elements
  161. Where to store external data in PDMS
  162. PML for Matl file
  163. Table Object
  164. A box telling UDA of CE
  165. get SLAB xyscale
  166. LIST Gadget - SelectALL
  167. Right click copy DRWG
  168. How to get the y direction in a variable
  169. Issue with FILE Object
  170. Method not found
  171. Auto-populate fileds in engineering based on other fields
  172. point snap option by command line
  173. Tot Count in Collection
  174. Find element by array type UDA value
  175. How to restore prvious status of FORM after undoDb?
  176. Replace strings In a file.
  177. Can I run PML as a background process ?
  178. It's Back!
  179. Modified, Deleted, New item
  180. Taking a snapshot of Design 3D view
  181. PMLNET events (MouseMove, KeyDown, etc.)
  182. How to unload assembly?
  183. How to make a standalone form to get dbatabase outside PDMS?
  184. Pml macro for adding welds automatically
  185. how to query STVVAL in C#
  186. How to use MODIFIED() function in PDMS
  187. Collection of spco with p1bore in C#?
  188. How to get EVAR 'PDMSUSER' in C#.net?
  189. Reselect element from anothe spec in Design
  190. Global Ping Gadget in Admin Toolbar
  191. Multi line input box or form
  192. What are the Gadgets available to create Pmlfrm.
  193. Toggle in Menu Popup
  194. command to close all the opened forms
  195. can use Visual studio for writing PML
  196. Set position P1, P2, P3
  197. New Unit Creation/modification
  198. How I can find any form if I know the name?
  199. Coll elements that are not located in given 3d volume
  200. Name and working of highlighted gadget
  201. Collect all attributes in a variable / find the
  202. Get old attribute value based on comparison date
  203. A query in pml form
  204. PML "modulo" syntax
  205. Report form Pml
  206. simple marco to change ldim attributes
  207. Option Gadget Query
  208. Document about the .txt format
  209. Exception about upgrading .net customization from PDMS 12 to E3D
  210. Print off in tty mode
  211. Time log for a macro
  212. tty mode with macro with parameter
  213. Move SCTN by Pline or its jusline(TOS..LTOS.. so in)
  214. Edit panel form function
  215. Edit Primitive form cannot trace
  216. Pml net grid control
  217. Length of tube on a certain component
  218. Can we get linear distance for east/nort/up from PIN1 to PIN2
  219. Terramodel scan and photo for microstation v8
  220. delete GLAB or SLAB outside the view??
  221. Excel import grid control
  222. training file for PML
  223. [PML] problem of get bore,please help
  224. Doing Loops of Error (46,80) PML: Invalid syntax in the current context
  225. Problem for MACRO with PDMS 12.1.SP4.32
  226. PINS colour
  227. how to make a Design Explorer / Hierarchy window
  228. How to get commandline message by pml.net?
  229. Grid control in pml2
  230. Coll
  231. Repeated naming glab to delete
  232. OUTPUT command position option
  233. C# setting values on PTCA?
  234. check the most less/more coordinate for SCTN start end??
  235. Clear working sheet one-shot
  236. Self expunge??
  237. Coding Standards for PML.pdf
  238. Is there an object in PML corresponds to the C# dictionary class?
  239. Change gadget layout in same form?
  240. Tabset size?
  241. how to make !!ce or attribute as ARRAY list?
  242. NetGridControl documentation
  243. add text by pick sequence
  244. Object Direction?
  245. COnvert attribut Number into a String
  246. Panel cross with sctn point?
  247. how to get the current volume in a variable ?
  248. How to disable multiSelection in the GridControl?
  249. Volume without obstructions
  250. c# Getting value via RPRO?