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  1. colour display change on element
  2. Method Callback to another Method
  3. Writing output to notepad file
  4. PINS on or off
  5. return with SYSCOM
  6. Array to string
  7. Run Form/macro at PDMS start up
  8. Generating graphical 'labels' in 3D view
  9. PML Hide / Show hidden
  10. calling variable from one method to another
  12. giving member name sequence based on STRU elevation
  13. PDMS 12.1 and Leica Cloudworx
  14. creating an alpha log file of equipment from a list
  15. Menu function
  16. Autorun some macros after start pdms
  17. code to save sheet/view (standard dxf/dgn ce)
  18. Setting Variable with string name not DBREF
  19. Collecting and Removing From Arrays
  20. how does PML create a slection set
  21. How to collect number of editable textboxes in a form?
  22. How do I make midpoint work
  23. Naming a branch from Pipe name
  24. View Gadget Volume
  25. Member Postion in hierarchy
  26. Is is possible to add a toolbar to Isodrat?
  27. Here can I find this form?
  28. Help to understand this peace of code
  29. how to make PLANE given 2 direction?
  30. Using substring in PML
  31. Core command
  32. Setting Spec via button menu
  33. simply marco for delete text
  34. query username in design from pml?
  35. Pml1 and pml2
  36. change auto clash setting
  37. Export data to excel
  38. Evaluate
  39. Object Direction
  40. UTOpdate attributes from .net grid entries
  41. How to call the gadgets that are created by the Customization utililty in PML.
  42. C# / PMLNET documentation
  43. How to calculate distance between to pin points using PML
  44. How to know the type of data of a variable? (numeric, string, etc)
  45. VIEW - hightlight the current view
  46. Coll of all branches within vol ce.
  47. How to get Panel net area??
  48. Pml1
  49. How to add all the numbers in an ARRAY
  50. Login Name on Isometric
  51. weld input in all pie
  52. weld input in all pipe
  53. New Innonation for PDMS Login of AVEVA
  54. File Browser PML Function
  55. Add all function from search results
  56. Assembly namespace of DBElementCollection?
  57. Change font settings while exporting to excel frpom NetGridControl
  58. Isodraft using TTY mode
  59. (61,528) User exit from interaction submode
  60. PDMS installed versions on a machine
  61. PML CE Colour and Transl
  62. Unamed Nozzle
  63. Populate a data collected from a PML function to a NetGrid
  64. .NET and Usage
  65. compare method
  66. Code not work properly... especially for Action button..??
  67. Set Design Param value to Attribute Dynamically
  68. About Net Grid
  69. Branch Check
  70. Get collect from variable
  71. Read filenames on cyrillic. Versioan
  72. Code not show nam but ref no?? please help
  73. Activate a 2D area view in DRAFT
  74. Cannot read a txt file having more than 10000 lines
  75. find drawing routine??? please help
  76. Check Method
  77. Creating an Array with a name that is determined in runtime.
  78. Global Variables
  79. ddepth
  80. Copy syntax
  81. Can use this form to assign member to textbox or any variable???
  82. pml.index cannot be changed
  83. Call PML functions in PML .NET
  84. Get bolts from dll?
  85. manipulating existing form
  86. How to add TAB while combining Strings / Variables ?
  87. colect array and make its as command
  88. Changing the Rectangle Select.
  89. Adding Tie-In Boxes at ATTA locations
  90. PML problem by developers
  91. EDG pick two points
  92. Collecting from catalog
  93. Syntax to call current list
  94. decimal place??
  95. Form loads very small initially, until the form is reloaded.
  96. Set Href and Tref
  97. extract navis with some SITE only
  98. pml program help
  99. Pml
  100. Form called by pml macro
  101. collect pipe
  102. Add all within Vol CE
  103. VLimit set up
  104. Display Data in Net Grid
  105. Collecting atta's with stext not equal to unset
  106. tool for clipbox in PDMS 12
  107. Blank Area of PDMS Window
  108. Collecting all the files in a directory
  109. Define method
  110. Testing New Forms etc
  111. Using Stamp
  112. AVEVA DLL for .NET
  113. Fill UDA from macro
  114. Expression about ddat in design template in 12.1.sp2.14
  115. Forms shown !!!
  116. batch files with variables
  117. Sending message to users as pop-up
  118. Location to place mac files
  119. Macro go in Loop
  120. DRAFT 3DView Auto Scale in .NET C#
  121. where is icon to on "Auto clash" for PDMS 12.1.SP2.25
  122. sorting array
  123. PML loading error, you help me
  124. Report and Table Objects
  125. pml doubt
  126. pml error
  127. E3D: Forms
  128. Syntax issue
  129. Evaluating Variable with methods and members
  130. collect or vscan for PAVE's
  131. How to find Clearance distance
  132. user security
  133. who can help me about the pml
  134. Different methods of DO-LOOP working
  135. How to check element existence in Graphic View?
  136. skip if
  137. Please help!!!
  138. Separator in bar menu
  139. PML code for Zone Creation
  140. Modules Change in PML
  141. Piping Modification Form in PML
  142. MANSYUR.pmlfrm
  143. Syntax for using matchiwild in IF Else Operation
  144. Animation of Button
  145. Animation of Button 2
  146. Animation Button for PDMS and E3D
  147. Copy Zone and Rename Equi
  148. Syntax for collecting elements from two or more hierarchy
  149. Next item added ?? how to make it ??
  150. Pml
  151. perpendicular to SCTN
  152. Array values in New form
  153. Issue with Included Foreign DBs
  154. Sortunique() on Multi-dimensional Arrays
  155. Draft Dimension Creation
  156. Create a special tabe in isometric
  157. Problem with the drawlist object
  158. How to integrate C# with PML
  159. C# warning during creation PDMS addin.
  160. Pml manuals
  161. Do loop
  162. Collect all item choosen id @ on screen
  163. how to fill status value for status controller
  164. EDGPACKET problem?
  165. CE form
  166. Dropping the units
  167. C# "Command.RunInPdms" sometimes lose effectiveness
  168. Array sorting query
  169. Named based on Pos.up
  170. text too long
  171. Problem on steel connection
  172. Controling Starting Row Displayed in a Form List Object
  173. new atta in heirarchy
  174. using c# get a zone or site etc....
  175. C# HELP do a pick of an object
  176. Function overloading
  177. Read External Files
  178. About Form Setting
  179. Problem with PML Form, object and function
  180. questions about direct data exchange
  181. To check whether CATALOGUE already exists or not
  182. How to Handle Warning Message
  183. Error Inside Form - How To Fix?
  184. Parameterized Detail Text
  185. How to highlight FPT or TP for STRA line??
  186. Need help PML coding and suggestion
  187. array to string
  188. Test if in TTY mode?
  189. Where this form CDRMLDIM ??
  190. lead atta @ auto
  191. Menu - field property
  192. Capture Maximum Number of Atext Value through a Variable
  193. Import GridControl
  194. Button Disable In a form
  195. Send Message
  196. need PDMS 10.5 installation package
  197. Query PDMS Version
  198. Sum value of string
  199. Draft table how to place array value in table
  200. per assumption settings
  201. Assiging a macro as an attribute ?
  202. how can assign P1 BOLT1 BLEN to a variable
  203. How can I use EDG in c#?
  204. PML to dynamically iterate through sites and export for RVM creation
  205. postion of member in array
  206. Clear command
  207. Change highlight macro
  208. Off clip box
  209. Call back of "DESIGN" Command
  210. pin1 at idpl@
  211. syscom's variable to pml variable
  212. how to query the deleted element at a certain session
  213. append row or column in list gadget
  214. create object from base object
  215. Can Addin run by PML code?
  216. Setup Form to Restor automatically in PDMS12.1
  217. Regarding PML.Net
  218. CAF Addin
  219. A Calculate Weight Form
  220. Sorting the values in a array
  221. Suggestions on next step
  222. Extra char added together with "°"
  223. Aveva .NET Assembly Runtime Version
  224. Command Key: Base vs This
  225. PML For Modify Specification
  226. Window Manager
  227. Ribbon Button Size
  228. send print command to adobe
  229. Abstract Aveva Classes
  230. Convert BORE in REAL
  231. 2D cursor pick/hit
  232. find last tag number in heirarchy
  233. PML fresher
  235. matchw method
  236. How to fix variable values into excel
  237. Button docking
  238. Collecting All elements in the Draft View
  239. Off all pin
  240. Is it possible to add cancel button in !!alert.input object?
  241. Can I connect to PDMS databases without running PDMS session using c#?
  242. How to use "Difference" array object
  243. Handle Error
  244. Specification Break
  245. Get the size of the label
  246. both ends of the value bran came out I want to get to know what to do first mem-side
  247. Centre on XYZ or ENU
  248. Replace " by Null
  249. pml program help
  250. Pml manual for picture animation of pdms data form