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  1. Spliting of a single string in PML.
  2. Method
  3. Convert coordinates in the pipes corresponding tags
  4. Parity Number
  5. Button Text Changing - Is It Possible?
  6. Possible to work in PDMS when any file opened with syscom command via Macro????
  7. Paragraph Text Changing - Is It Possible?
  8. change the background
  9. get units in C#
  10. Running of Macro for Selected items which are in the list.
  11. Capturing Button ToolTip Data to a Variable - Is It Possible?
  12. Clearing Button - How to Reset?
  13. Functions - looking for a list of functions
  14. Create New variables with name based on a Text value
  15. Reset Button Background question
  16. Command Line Filter/Restrictions
  17. Direction object failure
  18. Need Help to PML Form to read Grawe Electrical xml file and create same model in PDMS
  19. Array from - to in Hierarchy
  20. functions in $ loaded macro
  21. Draft View Limit
  22. Pml
  23. Help in NAVIESEXPORT through PML For Userdefined List
  24. Parameterising Macros more then 10 parameters
  25. MTO Generation for Bolts nut insulation along with pipe components
  26. PML1 - Enable to find out source file from PML1 codes.
  27. Collect to a list box
  28. Handle
  29. Resizable From
  30. Pml clipping for pdms12.1.sp2
  31. Combine array elements from a file to a new file
  32. Help in My Macro.(Editing existing Bolt tool)
  33. Calling C# in PML2|Environment setting
  34. how to Extract position orientation from paxis
  35. Sentence Case command
  36. Extracting PAXIS from PTAX of any PTSE....?
  37. copy name string to file
  38. Everything 3D
  39. File Box for File Selection
  40. how can I rip off 1st letter of a sting
  41. Get position macro
  42. amount of pipe per Attas
  43. AWK Programming - Log/Execute
  44. Anyone know how to put icons ...
  45. Custom message for locked elements
  46. Pml learning
  47. need help with C#
  48. Need to add check box in grid control
  49. Set callback to tabset...
  50. Please help to understand the Direction of the view
  51. 3D View for isometric - Iso3 from command line ...
  52. Please share me some Materials on PML learning
  53. .batch error...
  54. system beep?
  55. Explorer and a 3d view, the right mouse button? Pml or С#.
  56. Pipe thickness tables & tubi
  57. how to open a directory by macro
  58. convert name into string
  59. Design view and actual viewed area
  60. about commandline popup menu
  61. include run report in pmlform
  62. syscom help
  63. Sum values
  64. Clash Report Tool
  65. To become more familiar with PML should we learn c# or VB 6.0
  66. How to get position of ppoint by picking?
  67. Some of my work(Create adiition aids to help with connections)
  68. syscom with space in path
  69. syscom for replacing text?
  70. file path question
  71. no question just a vent...
  72. difference between quote(') and pipe (|)
  73. Form hide/show
  74. array
  75. (2,779) Method <STRING>.GT(<STRING>) not found
  76. Calling forms
  77. PML guide for early beginners
  78. How to use : DoDabaconDellUpdate()
  79. PML1 is not Properly working
  80. SPLTBL i want chance the values
  81. How to read data from Notepad(.txt)file ? ? ?
  82. PDMS Administrator Require for Oil & Gas Assignment in Thailand
  83. Bolting information via PML2 possible?
  84. Collection n displaying an attribute in option dropdown box
  85. How to find all elements (type) that use attribute SPREF
  86. Highlight Value in Selection Menu
  87. Placing a pixmap in a form
  88. ExternalCall and SendMessage
  89. batch belete
  90. macro finish with Stack overflow
  91. C# Position object
  92. Print char $ in a file
  93. Merging of array elements into a string
  94. Directory of icons set in UIC files
  95. multiple picking
  96. Macro to create WLDGRP
  97. Rounding a Number
  98. CE Orientation standard
  99. How to rename the weld in spooler ?
  100. Delete via excel
  101. Difference Between PML commands SKIP and BREAK
  102. Question about loading PML files.
  103. Object to collect elements from within an array of dbrefs
  104. Real Value
  105. Any command to highlight Start and End point of Steel structure?
  106. how to unset DESP ?
  107. General search tree in PML
  108. check equipment data
  109. Consult name and order of components
  110. Can help me??
  111. Get pin position and put it in Text Box?
  112. Connection CHECK
  113. How to call an object directly on gadget callback in form definition.
  114. How to control origin of Texp by C#
  115. elevation check
  116. shown()
  117. How to open pdf by PML? is it can?
  118. PML "exptyp" syntax
  119. Obtain multiple arrays
  120. pmlfnc help
  121. 1 method for different buttons
  122. How to collect draft data (DRWG) from Isodraft.
  123. Changing Buttons background colour.
  124. how do you make a new glab with btext coming for the inputed value from textpane?
  125. checking
  126. check if the bracket has support
  127. Getting SPLASH Error ( HGETI1 ) for loading form.
  128. Background Colour for Text Gadget
  129. somebody help me with to write a simple PML macro for deleting all GLAB under view
  130. Form exit help, "X" button question
  131. Constrain charachters
  132. Form Sizing during run-time
  133. nozzle bore
  134. Open a pdf after clicking on a linklabel
  135. Pdms pml manual
  136. regarding the PML
  137. How to add Menus Under Pages of the Form.
  138. Given this position, how do I know what is the corresponding pipe in PDMS?
  139. Add a picture on a title bar of a form
  140. How to add menu in a form ?
  141. code for reading file xlm?
  142. How to open a file without specifying its location ?
  143. path for new pmlfrm
  144. pmlform not opening
  145. show !!comgotoref form giving problem for certain Hierarchies.
  146. method for finding ATTA and moving already existing support to ATTA location.
  147. ATTA POS and Display
  148. Design parameters and P-Arrive through PML2?
  149. search ATTA through name
  150. how to navigating to local variables
  151. Collect only first element
  152. How to Place Labels Automatically
  153. Command Window delay in displaying output from Macro
  154. Frames side to side
  155. PML Search path for .PDF file format.
  156. How to get the Zone and Site name using PML2
  157. How to set and execute a rule using PML2
  158. PDMS customisation using C#
  159. How to collect selected elements wihout common attribute
  160. Direction of PAVE per PANE
  161. Objects in PML2
  162. Set Colour of Text in Paragraph gadget
  163. automatically add logical support with interval of 2 m
  164. Get position... Please help me I am stuck
  165. POS of ATTA
  166. Help me please ???
  168. How to identify which SCTN end is closer ?
  169. List box add item
  170. Orientation and direction of ATTA
  171. NetGridControl - Refresh
  172. Can PML delete some character in text box?
  173. if statement problem
  174. Suggest distinguish property for System Explorer and Global Explorer
  175. Text box uneditable
  176. PDF generating with softdrivers
  177. Sort a List
  178. Desparam for elbo support
  179. Error in batch of producing isometrics
  180. multidimensional array
  181. Syscom for open a Excel and Starting a Excel Macro
  182. PML.net through TTY
  183. need help for decrypt the pml. it is very important
  184. Clash Check start
  185. walk to drawlist problem... help please.
  186. FLIP CE code relate or not??
  187. Test for function existence
  188. Sintax for Powe and Sqrt
  189. Compare two strings
  190. Button Gadget method
  191. Toggle and Rgroup Gadgets Reset to default when form is closed and then reopend
  192. 'mm dist' - does not reflect the same unit as in the forms
  193. Syntax not working !pos = !!ce.pos.wrt(/*)
  194. How to update draft selected view by code??
  195. how can this code work in draft??
  196. Pause Parent Form until Child Form is closed , or trigger a Parent method when Child
  197. Line intersecting plane?
  198. Problem in Admin Customization file
  199. How to get output for below attached function.
  200. Can we read data from other form ??
  201. PML macro error
  202. How to check if elemnt already exist or not??
  203. PDMS 12 sp5 Close after Extract many spools
  204. Variable changes unintentionally when creating new object?!
  205. Pml code
  206. Creating a Class with Constructor and Return Method
  207. Struggling with the new PML2 code getting variables to work. Please Help.
  208. Ref Number (Desiphering)
  209. Query owner with dbdepth ?
  210. How can I read Project Path location with c#
  211. Closing and Updating Form
  212. Creating UDA with c#, Without createcommand
  213. Problem with Matchwild
  214. PDMS Project creation with C#?
  215. PDMS STartup with c#?
  216. Unload dll without closing pdms
  217. Dataset PPRO syntax
  218. Place dim problem when view in Angle??
  219. Variable Site Module from Pipe Level
  220. !pltfilesInt = !!findplotfiles('$!!isodraw\Internal',!pname,'I', |*|)
  221. PML Addins Tutorial
  222. Customisation
  223. pml doubt
  224. Expression in configuration file (ProjectConfiguration.xml file)
  225. How Can one create Polygon or hexagon shape in PDMS
  226. Can anyone explain this Method below.
  227. simple marco to change name atta support
  228. Attribute name with COLON (:) in front?
  229. Problem with accessing attribute!
  230. How to delete multiple file with specific extension??
  231. string from other strings with fixed sizes?
  232. Sort by TYPE
  233. CORE commands from PML ?
  234. Default attributes in datal file.
  235. New Explorer Command/PML Syntax
  236. PML form
  237. text gadget reset
  238. Foldup Panel
  239. How to check with PML if item with given name exists or not
  240. CALLBACK of External File
  241. get monitor resolution by PML ?
  242. Addins
  243. What is look east/west/north/south command?
  244. Rtext and Dtext
  245. Color each piping component individual
  246. Anyone having problems with DbAttribute.IsArray property?
  247. Gap in PDMS, especially in an angle structure like Jacket and Flare Boom....
  248. Gadgets which are showing a pixmaps
  249. Bolding Text & changing Character Height in a Form
  250. Assigning Orientation: Why doesn't the orientations equal each other?