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  1. PDMS Wish List - Woow...!!!
  2. Unlimited btex attributes (2D Draft)
  3. Fonts in Autocad.
  4. Best Post Ever!!!! Check It Out!!!
  5. 2D blanking
  6. Enter with left mouse button
  7. Forward or Backward mode visible as Button like AUTO
  8. 3D surface modelling
  9. Doskey behaviour in the commandline
  10. Ignore read-only items when selecting by rectangle
  11. Repeat Command Multiple Times...
  12. More DB filters on MDB creation/modification
  13. Drag Macro
  14. 3Dconnexion support for PDMS Design
  15. Y-Piece SKEY
  16. Scaled Labels
  17. Better manual
  18. Equipment Library
  19. Requesting for a boat Macro (DBListing)
  20. PDMSWORLD Wish!
  21. We want a PML Debugger
  22. Clash manager can't support chinese!
  23. Bolt Holes for Equipment Nozzles and Pipe Flanges
  24. Coordinates on each point that was picked on panel
  25. I would like to put a space in the PDMS name instead of a underbar or dash
  26. how to use Var list or var pane In PML
  27. PANE to NXTR???
  28. Spool piece count from command line
  29. 3d connexion mouse compatibility
  30. Links in posts to other posts
  31. Exchange data by PML among 2 PDMS instances
  32. 3Dimensional skey
  33. I wish one modify button for every type of element
  34. Dreaming about perfectness(DXF>CATE)
  35. Change of current element
  36. Cloud
  37. Wish to have simply DWG output from Draft
  38. Remove "deactivate a window by mouse"
  39. I wish to have updated standard forms
  40. Paragon - Increase Formula Character Length Limit
  41. wish to have complete reference manuals
  42. User defined table on isometric drawing, output of mto for sheet.
  43. Help about error messages
  44. Welds
  45. Modify Specification or Catalouge on Double Click
  46. Blind tap flange size not come properly
  47. Catalogue creation
  48. Catalogue creation
  49. Intelligent Text
  50. Extracting Data Attributes in DRAW
  51. Printable E3D manual
  52. need of macro
  53. BEST Wishes for 2019!
  54. Design Explorer
  55. SPKbrk atributte for TEE component
  56. Listing HOLD items
  57. Sdnf
  58. design Explorer Not coming
  59. Gasket between Equipment nozzles
  60. Option to export AREA in REPLICATE command
  61. Aveva Marine Outfitting- Sketching mode!
  62. Remote Work Wish