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  1. Cross-posting and Repeat Threads
  2. Stranded in New York
  3. pdms and nuclear plant
  4. Perfect Drafting Weather
  5. The Camper Draftsmen
  6. Music when you work
  7. Making Money as a Piping Designer
  8. What is favoritism in the workplace and how to deal with it?
  9. How to take care of your eyes, when working on a computer?
  10. How to reduce the stress from working long hours?
  11. How to dress for work?
  12. What do you need to look for when selecting ergonomic chair?
  13. How to negotiate a raise?
  14. Acceptable Use Policy for the internet and e-mail at the workplace
  15. How to handle a conflict at the workplace?
  16. How to resign properly?
  17. Why only north direction?
  18. Is it possible to prepare User defined end connections in PDMS...?
  19. AVEVA World Summit
  20. How to maximize your lunch break?
  21. PDMS project in Nigeria
  22. PDMS Instrument Designer Needed ASAP - Surrey - UK
  23. PDMS Piping Designers required
  24. The big picture :(
  25. Any one having Idea about Aveva Marine (AVEVA Hull & Outfitting ) Product
  26. Transfer of Dump model (not intelligent) from PDMS TO PDS
  27. help
  28. Small macro
  29. PDMS Modeller
  30. PDMSWORLD for smartphones
  31. How to upgrade my project from 11.6sp4 to 12.0 sp6
  32. monitor display problem
  33. Advantage of using PDMS vs AutoDesk Inventor ?
  34. aveva world summit
  35. How to import xsteel model to pdms.........
  36. Toolbar creation for query attributes
  37. Whats up with the premium content?
  38. Aveva World Summit - Las Vegas
  39. Back online
  40. Paragon sintax
  41. Change User Name
  42. Recherche des contacts francophones
  43. error
  44. AVEVA Operates PDMSWorld.com...
  45. Posting PDMS Jobs
  46. Aveva.............Who?
  47. To make a piping assembly
  48. Pdmsworld forum login problem
  49. PDMS (or PML) Work in Perth, Western Australia.
  50. New Job Option - 3D Application Support Specialist - Australia / Asia Pac
  51. PDMS Structural Design positions in Houston, Tx
  52. need career advice & some informations
  53. Edit Posted Threads
  54. Quick Replies
  55. Two Monitors or one BIG one for design?
  56. Message from De Ding - Yokohama, Japan
  57. Pdms point 0, 0, 0
  58. Private Messaging
  59. ACAD vlx programs
  60. Work in Australia
  61. seems to be some old links are broken??
  62. Recommended Wireless mouse
  63. Houston Meetup for May
  64. AVEVA Wiki
  65. Mettings @ Watson's House of Ale
  66. AVEVA announces....... I don't care...
  67. Experienced PDMS Piping Designer Needed in SC
  68. The Job of an Admin
  69. AVEVA or EPC?!!!
  70. how to attached thread
  71. Warning message when creating a report
  72. piping course quality
  73. PDMS moderators dont ban me for asking this question.
  74. Houston Meetup for July
  75. Need help with using civil 3d contours in pdms
  76. PML Code Source
  77. Question to US users.
  78. Administrator tasks: job experience
  79. PDMS Administrators: Job experience
  80. Urgent PDMS Job Vacancies
  81. Want back badly to PDMS Job
  82. Who wants to be a millionaire piper?
  83. Keeping your PDMS installation up do date
  84. KL
  85. PDMS vs SP3d vs Plantsapce
  86. Recession
  87. Crimson Editor
  88. v12.0
  89. With out knowing PML language PDMS Admin can survive
  90. Archive material 1970s-80s
  91. administration and moderation
  92. Lexiphiles‏
  93. PDMS brochures 1976 & 1983
  94. Urgent PDMS roles in OMAN
  95. information about pdms in chile
  96. Is it possible to complete a project for firm with standard project
  97. PDMS to SAP2000
  98. Can anyone recommend me to get a job in PDMS piping designer or operator?
  99. Need Help in ASL Module
  100. Unofficial Poll - v12.0 command line good or bad
  101. Nuclear to Oil & Gas
  102. Please help me
  103. aveva world summit
  104. PDMS contractor work available -- 26 Oct 2011
  105. Aveva p&id
  106. PDMS Written Exam
  107. StarDraft and DX11 3D rendering
  108. Line error
  109. Working as a PDMS administrator in the company how to become a good administrator
  110. PDMS Administrator - North West UK - Offshore Oil & Gas
  111. not able to access inbox
  112. Error while launching pdms
  113. Pinoy User group
  114. PDMS compared to AutoCAD Plant 3D
  115. PDMS piping engineer job
  116. looking for a job
  117. Whats happening in PDMSWorld?
  118. Help me find this full video.
  119. Diagrams and Instrumentation
  120. structural steel callout abbreviations
  121. Draft Rules, creating rules to make hidden lines disappear
  122. Pipe insulation changing method?...
  123. negative extrusion chamfer
  124. PDMS Applicants Problems
  125. dear moderators i want to change my user login from deva to any other is it possible
  126. What is PDMS Viewer software, what extensions it will take.
  127. trunion support
  128. Hi... Friends...
  129. Security problem
  130. Forum Searches with several keywords
  131. Menus in Autocad for PDMS
  132. Upgraded and back online
  133. PDMS/CAD/EIT Administrator Opportunity in New Jersey
  134. PDMS DOTNET.dll file issue
  135. Command Window Justification
  136. The Future of Plant Design of AVEVA
  137. PDMS Project Transfer without using Aveva global
  138. A thank you button....to acknowledge the time to help
  139. SQLDirect and ImPlant-STL License Cost
  140. GWPL (Group World) Export
  141. Structural Steel Sizes
  142. How to register for premium membership?
  143. Draft Admin
  144. Current Layout and Look of PDMSWorld forum
  145. Opportunity
  146. itchy feet
  147. Exchange skill
  148. CATA DB error after upgrade 11.6 to 12.0
  149. Tribon M3 geometric macro
  150. Contact with administrators
  151. Questions on PDMS Administraton
  152. AVEVA Plant
  153. Developer Network...
  154. How do you import from flash drive into PDMS?
  155. Used PDMS in windows 7 then file database became size 0KB.
  156. Change MDS Description in PDMS 11.6
  157. PDMS training - 1976/7 style
  158. Schematic model manager & 3D Integrator
  159. PDMS Training 1982 Style
  160. Help Me about PDMS(I am new to pipe design)
  161. what is spooling of pipe what is its usage in PDMS
  162. Data consistency error
  163. Does anyone remember this?
  164. Admin
  165. Synonymous help!!
  166. Asl setting
  167. 2013 Summer Holidays !!!
  168. Bolt set
  169. Forums are back online
  170. PDMS Bulletin December 1975
  171. what is the difference between Aveva Everything3D and PDMS?
  172. Project upgradation
  173. Very best regards
  174. Virus on Avevaworls forum ?
  175. Option file problem
  176. Pdms fonts
  177. filter option
  178. Gtype selection in list
  179. Configurable dxf/dwg output
  180. Introducing PDMS to the USA
  181. Is there a problem in using Pipework Toolbar forms in PDMS 12?
  182. Subsea7 Atlantic Vessel Model.
  183. FIFA WORLDCUP - My Vote to Brazil
  184. PDMS Macro Issue with Windows Language
  185. IJoint problem get attributes
  186. New forum section for E3D
  187. cylinder height parametrization- clarification
  188. Remote work
  189. Definition of Percentage Completion (30%-60%-90%)
  190. New Thread AVEVA E3D would be nice in the forum, isnt' it?
  191. Password query
  192. More PDMS photos from the 1970s
  193. Pdms conversion 11.6 to 12.0sp6.0 -cause draft error
  194. How to convert from AutoCAD 2D to PDMS (Equipment)
  195. Asking with some curiosity please answer some one knows about this.
  196. Online test environment
  197. Cost Time Resource
  198. PDMS presentation from 1979
  199. Find PANEL Location
  200. My account was attempted hacked by Russian group.
  201. Schneider Electric Take Over Aveva
  202. my friend can't able to participate in this forum due to pending activation
  203. Hanger support drawing is not generated in draft module
  204. Client Activated License Management Facility
  205. Pipe Support Isometric Symbols
  206. Hello
  207. PDMS Administrator Vacancy
  208. need tutorial for pdms customization and pml
  209. E3D Training
  210. Mitre ends syntax to create a menu button
  211. about review
  212. about creation of new project
  213. Time to extend the scope of the forum?
  214. draft
  215. about creation of new project
  216. Forced to pay for support
  217. about review
  218. admin
  219. isodraft
  220. lexicon
  221. Welcome Back
  222. reference attachment
  223. rename 3/4"to 0.75"
  224. PDMS admin job opening
  225. Comos admin job opening
  226. Weight and COG Forum
  227. How to create a weld joint
  228. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ALL Forum Members
  229. Group chat for PDMS/ E3D
  230. Why People are More Crazy on PDMS/E3D Administrator Position.
  231. E3d pipe production check
  232. Some of the posts cannot be opened
  233. Marine Drafting Position number
  234. Aveva Marine 12.1.SP5 Help Needed
  235. Aveva Bocad Steel
  236. Aveva Marine Drafting 12.1.SP5
  237. Help finding job opportunities in the Midlands, UK
  238. Aveva Property Schemes or Default (.def) file for my own Default Settings.
  239. Does Aveva has any plan to offer more solid option to work remotely?
  240. Marine Draft Dimensioning
  241. copy data of EDG into owned form
  242. aveva diagrams job opportunity