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  1. Fitting
  2. Help with 3-Way valve representation
  3. Error 17.7
  4. Instrument Spec
  5. orientation of SSLC
  6. hstu
  7. Urgent : Count Selectors
  8. How to set boltref where bolt for point1 connection should not be displayed.HELP!!
  9. Paragon.
  10. Problem with setting line direction
  11. components weights (urgen)
  12. Component properties problem
  13. How to refresh model view
  14. Pipe Data Table (PDATAB)
  15. Paragon Property/World - Propcon?
  16. Multiple schedule
  17. Propcon
  18. New Bolting(Nuts) On ISO
  19. how to create a variable miter?
  20. HDPE and PVC cataloge
  21. Create Insulation with several thickness !
  22. Geodep of scom and how to influence on it
  23. help TM-1202 Piping Catalogues & Specifications
  24. New generic type, it's possible?
  25. (61,164) SPEC does not contain elements matching given criteria!!! EROR
  26. Orifice flange PT No.
  27. Delete ce memberes
  28. orientate reducer not correct
  29. Copy & modify a catalog
  30. Two Bolt Set Allocation to Flanged Reducer
  31. Connection Types
  32. CAP with Weldolet tapping
  34. Use two bolt Specs in PIPE Specification
  35. Paragon (Cable tray)
  36. Various Representation Types
  37. set value of uda on SPRE to RPRO
  38. HVAC Specification
  39. bolts weights in pdms 12.1 sp2 fix 22. How does it work?
  40. Pcom problem
  41. Macro to extract the pipe class from paragon
  42. Nozzle Error
  43. Getting distance value in DATA SETS
  44. Detail Text
  45. change material references on spec
  46. Picture in properties window of component
  47. How to mtoc off and atty by default
  48. Autoname Part element
  49. Component created using desparam
  50. Desparams attributes in Design
  51. Problem in getting component list
  52. Current element does not have a Design parameter list
  53. Problem in connection
  54. Autoname pdaele
  55. New bolting method
  56. API Type 6B Flanges
  57. Create Component Form Not Displaying Spec Items
  58. How to add catalogue components in a spec programmatically ?
  59. How to pick a p-point in graphical view of modify category window.
  60. How the Pipe Bores are listed?
  61. Syntax in Attribute - Possible
  62. Ddrfarray - what is this for? (in TMPL) - ARRAY is it possible in templates?
  63. Symbolic representation of piping components in draft
  64. Help make a reducing accessory that do not draws on isometric (no skey)
  65. tapping blind flange sizes in iso
  66. CAD-VIEW form of PARAGON spec editor.
  67. Connection Error - component to HEAD
  68. Bolt description
  69. Variable Radius Bend Error
  70. Variable Radius Using Dataset - Syntax?
  71. change spec for insulation to spec for pipe?
  72. Disable an old Nozzle Spec?
  73. SELE Question based on UDA..
  74. Parametric Component
  75. Understanding IPARAM command
  76. MDS attachments - Warning output in design
  77. (17,55) Unable to access or generate a valid SPEC WORLD
  78. measuring dimensions in Paragon
  79. Connect components with automatic connectivity
  80. Jack screw flange insert in spec and catalouge
  81. ERROR; (2,759) Object does not have a member ONLYUPDATEPARAS
  82. scyl oriented with 2 points
  83. Catalogue copy
  84. Exporting PDMS Cats and Specs into .xml format
  85. What are cate nodes with reference to Spec??
  86. How to restore the default view
  87. Branch Table
  88. Where is the DISPLAY>COMPONENT menu option in PDMS 12.1?
  89. Nominal Bore Table
  90. Using DDHEIGHT in Expressions
  91. Non Standard Components
  92. "CDETAIL attribute unset for this cate" Error in catview
  93. parameter definition need help
  94. Elbow not coming in isometric
  95. Headings issues with, getting OLET[1] and OLET[2]
  96. create 3-way valve Paragon - Test valve in Design without succes
  97. Rtext expression to call pipe length
  98. Bend creation problem
  99. Component references
  100. Controlled bore piping
  101. Component not showing in design module inspite of adding in spec in paragon
  102. Cap Screws - Old Method - Go-By?
  103. detail text problem
  104. Bore size
  105. New Mitred Bend + Le equivalent length
  106. E3D: Propcon not working
  107. (17,55) Unable to access or generate a valid SPEC WORLD
  108. If statement in dataset property.
  109. weight for pipe and components
  110. Ball Valves in Aveva Catalogue
  111. PDMS CABLING SYSTEM - conduits are not shown in design
  112. Different bolts amount for flange and valve.
  113. Structural Panels
  114. Urgent: SDTE Naming Aveva Supplied Catalogue
  115. Selection type in spco
  116. paragon log in
  117. Reducer Table
  118. Pipe Data ref
  119. how to define leave point in point set
  120. Component Weights
  121. Part Families
  122. CMPREF unset still weight is shown
  123. Specification Heading Default
  124. Adding Spco using Gpart for reducer
  125. DIMENSION(UNIT) MISMATCH in arithmetic/arguments/assignment or format: NONE expected
  126. Using DIST pml command in RTEXT
  127. SpecEditor data file
  128. Specification(not cata) select in catview
  129. Reducing Flange size in Isometrics
  130. Accessing Dataset Property of owning Element
  131. How to use datasets in paxis attribute for P points
  132. Dblisting error
  133. Clamp Details in Isometrics
  134. Cable Tray SPCO.Kindly Help
  135. To know associated name of SPCO being on SCOM.
  136. Cable Tray Implied Tubing
  137. Thickness of TUBE wall in inteligent Rtext ?
  138. The "OF" notation should not be used in dataset expressions used as RPROPs
  139. Dataset: Please explain!!!!!!!!!!
  140. Remove a Parameter
  141. Gasket Convention
  142. problem whit catview
  143. Cocoreference
  144. UDA creation problem for element type "TUBI"
  145. SPCO automatically moved to Limbospec
  146. Pragon: Unable to add new component in spec, sohwing error '(2,113) List exhausted
  147. How to copy category, sections, catalogue from one database to another?
  148. Screw choice depending on the length
  149. Can the updated db of specification affect the current work?
  150. How to modify properties of piping components in Paragon Module?
  151. how to set UDA during select the section size??
  152. Extremely Important!!!!!: Answer for PBORE question
  153. About Stype
  154. Specification Headings Autonaming
  155. Lay Length and Shoulder Height
  156. Brwei Query Error/Warning!!
  157. Multiway Element Causing Error in Pipe Creation Form
  158. a strange problem
  159. OLET with saddle
  160. Steel Profile
  161. How to unset BLEN attribute at DTAB
  162. Importance of CMPD Attributes
  163. Set dynamic rule for an uda of spco
  164. Problem with Detail Text
  165. P point error
  166. Storage Areas for Piping
  167. paragon expressions
  168. Paragon Error: (17,12)
  169. Unable to Locate any Catalogue Specification
  170. Integral Gaskets in Wafer type Valves
  171. Cant get position CTRAY of CTSTRA and LAck of dimensions for cable tray straight
  172. GPart UDA
  173. Coco table
  174. Editable "Catview Catref Standard Naming" document
  175. Bending Machine
  176. Full name
  177. Paragon. Copy element.
  178. Query type at SPCO in Paragon
  179. Pipe weight and wallthickneess assign in paragon module
  180. bolt holes in flange catalogue
  181. Using Microsoft Access Files for Cats and Specs
  182. unable to delete sfit, it show readonly
  183. Bolting for three way component
  184. Component assembly
  185. Created catalogue not visible in the design module
  186. Aveva PDMS pipe and structural components classification
  187. pdms 12.1 - ATTA with ATTYP HP ?
  188. how to Create cable catalogue
  189. Defailt COCO table to set
  190. Pipe bend
  191. Two FREE users in Paragon?
  192. Lost Design Parameters
  193. How different between command SPECON & SPECONMODE?
  194. Components missing in Design
  195. Spec reducer table
  196. Nominal_Bore.mac vs NBRWLD
  197. ui-bores-mm
  198. couplings see every 6000 mm
  199. Size range Specification
  200. Cannot get position
  201. Specification read only
  202. Bolt Weight
  203. Dynamic DProperty (in Despar)
  204. Adding new point set to CATE
  205. CAD to PARAGON
  206. Variable Angle Cable Trays
  207. Matching Reducer for Variable Cable Tray section
  208. Why Copy&Past Functions are not available in right click menu of catalogue explorer?
  209. how to create dependent p-point
  210. perforated cable tray with variable length
  211. Automatic 100 mm spool coming .....
  212. Flanged fixed tube ideas.
  213. Automated Specon
  214. Date in Reporting
  215. Paragon Module
  216. dummy
  217. Transfer primitive from Autocad 3d to PDMS Paragon
  218. Different type end skey is not showing in isometric
  219. transition branches
  220. Orientation for sext in SJOI
  221. Double Bolts
  222. error when modifiyng existing specification in Paragon
  223. Cable Tray Support - ATTA
  224. autonaming spec component
  225. How to set default value of attributes?
  226. 3 way componet
  227. Data Expression: Round up to nearest 5mm
  228. Cable Tray Weights for Sample Project
  229. for an spcom (atta), Can I refer to a template instead of scom?
  230. Hide Pipe Specs in design
  231. Support Spec Creation
  232. Expression List available in PDMS
  233. orientation gear box
  234. Paragon Model View Dimensions
  235. Setting Default Bend Radius
  236. Spec Changes
  237. e3d2 : probleme with a shu
  238. Copy of specs
  239. Difference Between Cpara and para
  241. Setting up naming rules
  242. Modify Catagory Display Units
  243. how to show box type insulation on valves
  244. Client requestion Catalogue
  245. No matching items were found
  246. WALL Thickness for ATTA
  247. Valve blocking bransch - why!
  248. (42,55) No answers provided for question PBOR
  250. Cone with staggered construction Points