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  1. Strange Y-Filter ISO Symbol Behavior!!
  2. One line one sheet Isome
  3. Problem with changing weight in materiel table of TUBE after adding ATTA
  4. Extremely Urgent!!: Piping components Bore/Size included in description
  5. Suppressing Spool Listing
  6. CROSS in Isometric
  7. Pipe name adjust
  8. How to create/transfer isometric in ASCII format
  9. Isodraft bend number box
  10. isodraft error
  11. Dimensions OFF: not working..
  12. Export ISO's to MicroStation dgn format.
  13. Hiding text on isodraft
  14. PSPEC TRIM in isometric
  15. Change layer.
  16. Unit of pressure in Isodraft
  17. Eccentric reducer iso problem!!
  18. Pipe support number
  19. Add length of the expansion joint from Design to Isodeaft
  20. Privileges not Suffiecient for Isometrics extraction
  21. To delete DIM from Bran to Bend ?
  22. Support on Flow element
  23. Isodraft error showing
  24. Isodraft Format problem
  25. Tapping on elbow
  26. Iso for tapping on flow-element
  27. PSV Size in isometrics
  28. Regarding lap joint flange
  29. Changing DetailPlot Text
  30. Urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Forcing gasket and bolt set to appear on upstream sheet
  31. Hide text on isodraft
  32. Itemcode for Supports
  33. Isometric Flow Arrows
  34. Tee with p3 offset
  35. Dxf and excel
  36. FOB/FOT reducers callout on isometrics
  37. Alternative text
  38. Cannot Extract ISO
  39. error: moduleswitch.pmlfnc
  40. Sloping Line: Issue with TEE coonnnected to a Zero degree Bend
  41. remove tagging Flange and gasket
  42. Y filter symbol (fyfl) issue
  43. Spool Prefix
  44. isodraft error
  45. Weld table font size
  46. Orientation of dim in when export isodraft
  47. isodraw error
  48. Handwheel/Wrench Orientation
  49. Mto does not work
  50. Reserved Area in Isometric
  51. Isodraft Error (35:1104)
  52. Atta have to not appearing in boq list
  53. Tail reference not set
  54. Additional ISO symbol for flange cover
  55. MTOR - Isometrics
  56. Isodraft Plot file not coming in DXF
  57. Support tag in bill of material
  58. Return User Skey
  59. New Buttweld ball Valve
  60. option file
  61. error in ploting isometrics in IsoDraft ... HELP
  62. Branch Line over lapping with Header Line in ISO view 2
  63. Remove weld no and detail support missing
  64. list in isodraft
  65. Define rule in iso
  66. Possibility to show Old (existing) and new material separately in Material List
  67. Ttf isodraft
  68. Option File Privileges (44,36)
  69. Report pipe name and sheet number of pipe.
  70. Pipe length problems when using change highlight in isodraft
  71. How to make two weld tables in one iso drawing
  72. Overlap
  73. I can't modify ISODRAFT OPTION
  74. Insulation tickness call out
  75. show pos at sheet break
  76. Input Backing Sheet .txt file into Isodraft
  77. Isometric continuation text on existing lines /Nozzles with read only access
  78. Possible to have "spec break" type of comments?
  79. Editing isodrawing software/methods
  80. Flange not shown
  81. Sw y-strainer
  82. RPAD description to be show in Isometric area
  83. Ball Valve c/w pups Iso Symbol key error!!!!!1
  84. Dont take iso draft
  85. ISODRAFT: how to split name of pipe in OPTION FILE ?
  86. ISODRAFT: how to fill out the atrribute on PIPE during ISO-generation ?
  87. Change highlight
  88. New Iso Symbol From Jacket Valve
  89. Bolt MTO from DESIGN using Isodraft
  90. Ball valve Handel orientation in isodraft
  91. OUTCOM Command
  92. Isomentric pipe elevation in meter
  93. visual fortran error
  94. Autocad symbol to isodraft
  95. Bolt at P3
  96. ComFormats: Setting Precision and Trailing Zeros
  97. Color Isometrci according The Status of Pipe
  98. dial face
  99. support type clarification
  100. spool splititng
  101. Site uda in isometric
  102. Isodraft - Possible to show free text on only a few sheets
  103. ITemcode and Bolt problem
  104. tee elbow insted of elbow
  105. How to remove ...?
  106. How to remove two lines below the material list?
  107. Clash between title block and mto list
  108. Unit transform?
  109. Text not visible in Isometrics (DXF) when using TTF
  110. Elbow Angle Not Appearing on Isometric
  111. Isodraft error
  112. weld length
  113. Bolt Details on Nozzles connection flanges
  114. All BOM in Single Sheet
  115. Possible to ignore user split attas to generate Iso on single sheet ?
  116. Showing Pipe Spec Tags into Isometrics
  117. Date in DD/MM/YY on Isometrics
  118. Pipe support description doesn't shown
  119. (33:248) Bad format for SPCOM
  120. Insulation materials
  121. Add pipe name in spool prefix in isodraft
  122. New skey for Support Attachment hang is not showing on isometric
  123. DXF not opening from ISODRAFT
  124. Isodraft Notes in first page
  125. Coordinates is wrong on isometric
  126. ISO file name problem in isodraft mode
  127. how to off spec mds text on drawing area?
  128. what is the meaning of the automatic tee points and off-line legs ?
  129. Reversed Flow Arrow in 12.1.1
  130. Material control file config code -28
  131. Direction of symbol
  132. Isolation on Valve - Isodraft
  133. Ptno ptnt ptnh
  134. commands problem
  135. 2 test pressure value on one pipe
  136. Problem Material List Numbering -
  137. Option File Problem - HYPERPLANT ON affects ISOMETRIC EXTRACTION
  138. dimensioning of both units.
  139. Zone of Pipe in a PDF file
  140. Pipe & drawing attribute attribute frame text
  141. Gasket dimension in isometric
  142. PDMS 12.1 - new SKEY for BEND ?
  143. Cannot get Isometric...bolt problem ?
  144. fabrication material & erection material
  145. Weld Report not generating!!!
  146. Only some bselectors work, bolt problem madness!
  147. Pipe tag with pipe bore and pipe spec in isodraft
  148. Atta SKEY
  149. Isometric sheet count
  150. iso fail syntax error (47,15)
  151. Full form or scroll bar is not shown in form in isodraft
  152. Revision history in BOM overflow isometric sheet
  153. Weld number on Buttweld Nozzles
  154. Move SPLDRG to another REG
  155. North Arrow - Isodraft
  156. Pipe & spldrg attribute table
  157. Delivery code error
  158. Area of welding symbol had been change
  159. Bend Allowance
  160. cant acces isodraft via E3D
  161. System Isometric
  162. Spooler & Isodraft - Sytem Isometric and spool Isometric
  163. settings of CATE for PIPE TO PIPE components ?
  164. Options file problem: (47,15) CP: Syntax error
  165. Tie in point
  166. Help with ISODRAFT/SPOOLER no "CONT ON" text (I'm gatting crazy, no more ideias)
  167. coordinates in columns
  168. Equipment cl ref dimensions
  169. Bend table and bend file
  170. Handling SHEETN: I need to output it in 3-digit format
  171. Bolting Report errors
  172. Auto-Check for filled attributes before Isometric Extraction
  173. Merged PDF pipe from a Zone
  174. How to collect attribute along with its values
  175. Length is not working with operator
  176. 2 Specification handling during Isometric Extractions
  177. Db error 51 from dsave
  178. Isodraft error
  179. MESS error
  180. Restricted Area for Weld-table?
  181. Bolt size is not coming properly
  182. Line nunber in drawing area
  183. For optional flange with gasket along with flange bolt missing in the isometric.
  184. change order of Bore of PSV IN ISOMETRIC
  185. Position change "DRG 1 of 2"
  186. Gasket off, bolt shown
  187. Error (42,64) **** not selected
  188. Relative Positioning Text in IsoDraft with vertical text
  189. add form drawing go to modun isodraf
  190. How to remove decimal places from the co-ordinates in isos.
  191. Atta flor
  192. Isodraft E3D help
  193. How to stop INSTNAME to be detailed in Isometric
  194. Isodraft Titlebox
  195. Macro to extract isometrics with comparison date (help please! )
  196. IsoDraft DotNet AddIn for controlling Material List file
  197. New heading for PCOMs
  198. Bolt part number issue
  199. Do not want Stex on drawing
  200. overlapping
  201. Window north
  202. Unneeded and wrong tag for an elbow on isometric
  203. isodraft option form are not showing properly.
  204. Creation for a difficult isodraft symbole
  205. Use stored sheetnr as reference
  206. Option Files Queries
  207. Branch connection on the center of the new SKE/SYMBOL and not on the TEE connection
  208. Help. Cannot delete text from ISO.
  209. Branchs connected to PCOM without dimensions.
  210. backing sheet of isometric from isodraft module
  211. Show weight without Material List Column
  212. ISO generation with not typical main direction ?
  213. How do i amount of information per isometric sheet
  214. Cannot extract iso on E3D.
  215. Iso option file ttfont
  216. convertion DXF to PDMS PLT ?
  217. Suppressing coordinates in pipe continuation sheets
  218. ISODRAFT PROBLEM : 33,708) Isodraw did not run - or failed.
  219. WELDTABLE on ISO - issue ...- URGENT
  220. Backing sheet with client logo in colour
  221. File name suffix in Isometric
  222. Instrument item code
  223. Isodraft not generating
  224. Drawing with insulation
  225. Adding Coordinate in isometric for Support
  226. Problem with ATTY PENN
  227. Isometric - Insulation Description
  228. Material column lines
  229. System iso from command line
  230. Help with true type fonts
  231. Iso draft In Colour
  232. Cannot detail SCOM
  233. OUTCOM in Isometric with criteria for component and different BOXSTYLE
  234. How to displey UDA atribute in drawing
  235. Bolts length is not coming when MTXX is used as separate column
  236. Unwanted arrow & underline text in isometric
  237. Skey for Return instrument with vent & drain
  238. Define new view direction
  239. ISODRAFT PROBLEM : overall dimension is not correct.
  240. ISODRAFT PROBLEM : fatal error
  241. isodraft : lines intersecting with each other
  242. Text Overlap in Material list
  243. need idf file format document
  244. iso symbol problem
  245. UDA's not seen in on certain pipes in Isodraft
  246. Isodraft Option File Error
  247. How to batch output idf files
  248. SKEWBOX require for 2d offset of vessel trim
  249. Remove nominal size info on isometrics
  250. Iso Option File TTfont