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  1. How to get the bolt bom with swiching off the Flange Mto?
  2. Cyrillic font / multiple fonts in Iso Draft
  3. how to represent a strainer?
  4. Error when try to modify an option file
  5. error in isodraft when to make hydrotest package
  6. create new category in isometric dwg
  7. Difference between cut piece numbers and cutting list
  8. Detail plots automatically?
  9. How to show POSITION on Isometric for specific components
  10. Rename plotefile
  11. Change the Skey of attachment from support type to unset
  12. Font converter (TTF to SHP)
  13. DXF File to ISODRAFT
  14. Tolerance in dimmensions.
  15. Cuttinglist
  16. Iso Drawing editing (customer requests sigh)
  17. plt extension in isodraft output file
  18. dwg ---> plt
  19. One Cutlength
  20. Admin
  21. User defined Atext(293 to 297)
  22. Fitting Dimension In Iso
  24. Help needed, please!
  25. Reference dimension - Dimension between pipe and project axis - How to do?!
  26. How to show intelligent text under supports name?!
  27. Problems in visualization Elbolet Symbol on Isometric
  28. Pipe / Branch - Bolts Problem.
  29. Error in bolts in the isometeric
  30. ISODRAFT Automatic Titleblock
  31. Spool Tagging by ALPHA Characters
  32. Draft Backing Sheet to Isodraft
  33. adjust line backing sheet iso
  34. isodraft error(33:148) and (33:157)
  35. autodraft not avaible
  36. isodraft problem
  37. Backing Sheet Reference
  38. elbow description in isodraft
  39. Iso representation of Spool Numbers in Title Block
  40. Weld Number Missing
  41. help me! How to creat file *.PLT used on PDMS?
  42. Iweld in spooler Module
  43. Item code removal in Isodraft options.
  44. isodraft fatal error
  45. Machine and Stud bolts together
  46. Plot Utility
  47. Spool Problem
  48. All about orifice Flange Representation
  49. Isodraft Error -Urgent, please!
  50. spool
  51. Tagging PCOM with Name
  52. IsoDraft to DXF
  53. Options file cannot be found
  54. File locations
  55. Ask SKEY's for componets here.....
  56. Tags problem
  57. Graphical Display of Bolts
  58. output pipe weight on isometric
  59. Material list all in one
  60. Dimension on Shop weld
  61. Cutlength Report
  62. Welds
  63. Bolt report per spec
  64. sheet preference of isometric extraction
  65. TAGS in isometric
  66. remove & delete unit mm..
  67. Many way valve
  68. how to set the coordinates to show elevation only?
  69. ref dims
  70. repetability ON in Isodraft
  71. isometric problem
  72. The name of spooler!
  73. User SKEY with tappings on iso make connection only on one side
  74. Hide component in Isometric
  75. open plot in acad
  76. Editing AutoCad files from DXFs
  77. Short pipenames on isometric drawing
  78. Option file in iso draft
  79. need help !!!
  80. Pipe Isometric
  81. ERROR in SPLASH routine HQTREE Area
  82. Creating Trim Iso
  83. N @ North arrow in iso metric missing.
  84. Strainer Skey
  85. error 61,129
  86. Generate both Iso plot files and dxf for lines using one Options file
  87. Weight of every spool and summed up
  88. cuting list
  89. help me out in Isodraft Module
  90. Isodraft Error
  91. Iso dimensions (How to do this?)
  92. Isodraft runtime error
  93. Stext In Isometric
  94. Isometric Symbol problem - Gurus needed
  95. Welding Sumamry and Cutting List
  96. isometric without itemcode
  97. Using Spooler to Create Drawings
  98. isodraft dimension problem for bends
  99. Isometrics & line numbers
  100. Material list
  101. prevent STEX from being plotted in Iso
  102. WLDXRF invalid ref? and Wrong Sheet Continuations
  103. bend table in isodraft
  104. Sheet Continuation
  105. Colour Isometrics
  106. pml in isodraft
  107. iso error : ERROR 121 severuty 2
  108. Creating Isodraft for Level Gauge Instrument
  109. weights of components
  110. Appending UDA in Branch Members on Isometrics
  111. Reinforced Tee MTO missing in Isometrics
  112. Detail Plots
  113. difference between system isometric and standard standard
  114. join atta
  115. Orifice Flange Branches
  116. Difference between 11.5 and 11.6
  117. Macro for isodraft
  118. Spec break
  119. Boltiing not show on Isometric
  120. Reserve command...Text in a box...
  121. File name with pipe name
  122. Remove some default attributes!
  123. Reposition materiallist!
  124. new problem!
  125. bolts of the branches that are not in the network
  126. Splt
  127. mesc name in material list disappear.
  128. Limbospec
  129. List of Aveva Standard Skeys with offline Connections
  130. Skey for y-strainer on iso not facing down .
  131. Material lists not showing angle of of variable bend
  132. 3d view adding to isodraft module
  133. weights for spool isodraft
  134. spooler -isodraft
  135. isodraft pml
  136. cut length problem
  137. System iso
  138. olet direction problem in isodraft??
  139. olet direction problem in isodraft??
  140. bolts MTO in SPOOLER ISO
  141. ptno,ptnt,ptnb
  142. olet direction problem???isodraft
  143. Olet Symbol
  144. Bolts on connecting flange(AG and UG)
  145. Support Name
  146. writing makro need help pls give advice??
  147. old type of skey generation
  148. Level Gauge
  149. Cordinates at continuation
  150. Spec break between nozzle Equi and flange
  151. prob in isodraft...hlep me
  152. 3D bend not show in MTO..
  153. Undimensioned Component
  154. isometrics list
  155. undefined UDA name
  156. What Skey to use for 1.5D pulled bend ?
  157. Iso symbol library
  158. PWHT & Radiography in ISO
  159. Pipe length difference
  160. Erection and Fabrication Materials
  161. Spooler problem
  162. output file name
  163. Old Bolting Method...
  164. Isometric Material problem
  165. Isoadmin
  166. plot area
  167. Unable to open old isosymbol file
  168. custom material list
  169. ISODRAFT Symbol flipping
  170. DRAFT / ISODRAFT: Convert Text to different languages...
  171. remove mark of a cross at the outlet!!
  172. About Acon Lcon Tcon Hcon Href and Tref
  173. Outcom command problem
  174. Iso file name problem when using macro for isodraft
  175. Number of components in iso drawing
  176. Coupling with zero gap. Which Skey ?
  177. Idf
  178. Isodraft Error " (61.115) INVALID COMMAND WHEN GRAPHICS OFF" ? how to solve?
  179. Alternative Texts!!!
  180. Backing sheet mto text query.
  181. Counting bolts when mtoc is off.
  182. Problem with material list
  183. fitting quantity shows in meter?
  184. how to sheet break..
  185. [B]Columns in CuttingList!! [/B]
  186. arial font
  187. Angular dimention in isodraft
  188. current date on iso
  189. Weld Numbering with Prefix
  190. two pipes in one iso?
  191. Error 47.15
  192. How to customize the frame in the draft module?
  193. about isodraft
  194. Spool Problem with olet
  195. Additional Attribute to Pipe Continuation
  196. how to boxed the stext in isodraft(attachment's attribute)
  197. Problem With Custom Material List
  198. Weld Symbol using Slip-On flange
  199. Cannot generate iso (Isodraw has failed:Fatal error)
  200. 1-2 mm tolerance
  201. How to model and what Skey to use for Elbow with special connection
  202. look this ISODRAF photo, i want delete the symbol of clouded with red line,how to do?
  203. When I setting the "material list column definitions", some thing happning!
  204. trunnion isometric
  205. Underlayplot sheet for large bore and another for small bore
  206. about isodraft
  207. about creation of plt files (iso option file)
  208. Dotted and Insulated components !!
  209. Urgent help needed! How to get Project number on isometric and in the filename?!
  210. MTO from Isodraft - Line wise & Bulk
  211. different lines in one iso...
  212. Spool Prefix in Option File
  213. Problem in line thickness while printing dxf generated from Isodraft
  214. Problem with lenght of threaded valves in an Isometric.
  215. Problem with attachments of type (CCCC)
  216. Color for isometric drawing!
  217. how can we get IDF Files?
  218. how can we get all pipe component surfaces for paint and sandblast amount?
  219. is it possible in pdms to abtain dia/inch amount ?
  220. Variable length cable tray and standard length
  221. Weight in Cut Pipe Length Report !!
  222. The size of column in material list!
  223. Set Width factor for font!
  224. Vessel trim isometric
  225. detail in isometric drawing
  226. Problem with elbolets on pipe isometric
  227. PCOM to VALV - Possible?
  228. Bolts error
  229. Dotted Components Line Thickness
  230. Falling lines
  231. How to configure correctly PDMS fonts to work in ACAD
  232. More than one symbol file in option file
  233. Bend Radius Callout
  234. Coping the same plant with another name
  235. 3d iso
  236. Regarding brightness of the isometric when we re give the print
  237. System isometric layout
  238. Dimensioning in ISODRAFT
  239. How to break in two lines the pipe name continuation in Isodraft
  240. Problem in Iso
  241. How to import a custom backing sheet from AutoCAD to PDMS?
  242. Problem with the rotation of user defined symbol key
  243. Pipe support Atta's
  244. Number of sheets ISOMETRICS
  245. How to switchoff weld
  246. 4 Way - symbol key
  247. To create Backing sheet for Isodraft
  248. Isodraft shows wrong elevation at the continuation line
  249. Can I have the spool lenghts in my isometric?
  250. Can I change the line name position in my isometrics?