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  1. draft elements load - how to do it... autmaticically ;)
  2. Import figures into draft
  3. How to set PL (Plug) as a Base Skey?
  4. pipe cuts in plan view
  5. draft & pdms hangers
  6. Default position of slabs in autotagging
  7. Export Draft to .dgn (Microstation)
  8. errors
  9. Representation Rule Set Area
  10. Slabs & dimension style
  11. Modify text in Draft
  12. repost
  13. Text in Plt file is unreadable
  14. HELP! No Graphics window
  15. intellegent text on symbol
  16. View Cut Planes to Custom ORI
  17. Interface
  18. how to extend line in draft
  19. Center line needed
  20. ATEX under SLAB
  21. dimension problem
  22. Update Design, anyway for it to be done faster?
  23. about taking time when pressing the object!!
  24. Matchwild
  25. Creating multiple lines of text
  26. Model
  27. Draft dxf export
  28. Draft Style For Obscured Pipes
  29. Glab size
  30. MDS Scale Override..
  31. Draft
  32. user default: query
  33. Lines......
  34. Rev Clouds
  35. Tagging rules for sections
  36. How To Use GFB Files in Draft
  37. ADP and skewed drawings
  38. PLTXT Question
  39. Hatch Pattern - Civil
  40. Glab positioning
  41. Autodimensioning in draft
  42. Dimension gap problem
  43. RRUL Criteria depends on View attributes
  44. Extraction of DWG
  45. Circulation list
  46. SHOW Flow direction arrows
  47. Auto Tagging slab TIE-IN (Atta)
  48. Template Drg Identification...
  49. PLT file
  50. Setting view limits to drawlist members
  51. Cannot run module draft !!!...
  52. batch plot
  53. How To -> Revision Management?
  54. Invalid limits caused by incompatible section planes
  55. Isodraft Symbols Library
  56. Drawing Levels...
  57. Text mask
  58. Leader line for label
  59. upload symbols
  60. Clearing Out Empty Vnots & Layers
  61. problem with thickness line
  62. pdms colors
  63. DGN...DXF problem...
  64. Help with a Backing Sheet for ADP.
  65. Pipe ends
  67. The default value of OSET
  68. Unblanking Cloud outlines?
  69. What's the better way to insert legend and notes in the drawing?
  70. negative fill?
  71. How do generate sketches of pipe?
  72. Problem with db listing in draft
  73. Part list Report out of Draft
  74. How can I insert the @ symbol in BTEXT?
  75. Alternate units
  76. How to do quick draft
  77. right BOP in autotagging?
  78. UCODE & Labels
  79. Structure Sheets
  80. Fonts
  81. Create OUTLINE from STRA
  82. Defining Welding Symbol
  83. Configurable DWG Output problem
  84. Single line and double lines of pipes in Draft
  85. Detail view of structure
  86. Creating Local Rules for SCTN layers and colours
  87. How orienate the north automatically?
  88. PDMS Admin Draft & Isodraft
  89. error while drawing SKEY
  90. View not coming within limits
  91. Rel.12.0 outfitting draft: How to set limits from xyz to enu?
  92. SLAB labels generation with variable text
  93. Draftadmin
  94. 2D draft primitive with no fill?
  95. special frame
  96. Invalid Dimensions
  97. TextMask in Draft
  98. Font Mapping
  99. Import Templates
  100. Error (41,52) Trying to put a reference of illegal type. ??
  101. draft symbols not showing when exported to dxf
  102. Draft system defaults
  103. How to represent the valve as 2d symbol in draft.
  104. lock a drawing
  105. centreline
  106. Splitting dimension
  107. View Title in Draft (PDMS 12)
  108. Coordinates in Draft
  109. Autodraft Arcs and Polylines
  110. change the line colour in draft
  111. Printing from Draft
  112. 2d symbol for valves
  113. Arrow and Dot in one dimension
  114. DRAFT Updating Views slow and finally not responding
  115. Lose of drawings graphics information on convertion to DXF extension
  116. how to transfer PDMS Draft to AutoCAD
  117. shpos in a non-orthgonal view
  118. change pen form
  119. Flip Dimension Arrow
  120. How to delete SLAB
  121. DRAFT TABLE MTO REPORT structural
  122. who can provide autodraftACAD for connecting AUTOCAD2010 with PDMS
  123. Picture file
  124. Lets place a list of intelligent text for annotation here
  125. Autotagging with name length in rule
  126. .NET Framework problem
  127. New valve not showing in draft
  128. Remove bold font
  129. Unhandle exception ( creating pipe label in outfitting draft)
  130. Dimension on bottom of pipe
  131. Valve representation in draft
  132. Draft drawing of Primatives
  133. Need glab to spit out weight in lbs.
  134. How to Transfer PDMS Model datas from One Computer To Another computer
  135. How to print in black and white
  136. Need single line for section(SCTN) in draft.
  137. How to create steel work detailing by using draft ADP.
  138. Hidden Lines
  139. Set up new fonts on Draft or Admin modules
  140. Layer Purpose Problem
  141. Custom drawing template symolic label visibility
  142. Hatching Slope Floors in DRAFT
  143. You must be at an appropriate layer to create the required dimensions
  144. 2D symbol with editable text
  145. PDMS V12 DRAFT - very slow
  146. From PDMS to Autocad
  147. Copy and paste text with more than 120 characters?
  148. Update Design Issue in 11.6SP3 & SP5
  149. slab outl bug
  150. How to take print out of Draft?
  151. Line Types
  152. Cannot access Draft...
  153. DXF CE --> Configurable Error (46,79)
  154. Drafting Link Element
  155. DXF Configuration Settings
  156. Attribute reference a non-existent or corrupt element
  157. Auto tagging for draft
  158. Problems/issue with rotated dimensions....
  159. Backing sheet
  160. How to listed all styles of line ?
  161. User-Defined Line Styles
  162. Creating Section Plane in Draft?
  163. Logo Not showing on Backing Sheet
  164. Changing linetypes/linestyles
  165. intelligent text from backward
  166. Backface pen representation
  167. Area Based ADP administration Problem
  168. Initiating and Using the BPM
  169. Style rules - Center line not showing up
  170. Instrument Tag Balloons
  171. How to align the frame in draft?
  172. show a pipe and all this thing in ga out of limit define
  173. how to add grid in all the drawing
  174. Line Trim
  175. Dimensions in autocad (output from PDMS)
  176. Bad ref
  177. plot routines
  178. weld symbol templates - Intelligent Text
  179. ADP is not working it give error Auto-Annotation Update **FAILED**
  180. collection
  181. Cotas en draft
  182. How to set new Font style in DRAFT Module
  183. draft list of glabs needing to copy...help
  184. B.O.S. Label
  185. Add two or more variable text a slabel
  186. Dimension the hole of a Baseplate
  187. Draft : Macro commands for copying revision history for as built
  188. Haching OUTL objects
  189. How to use true type fonts?
  190. Aligning secondary nodes in steelwork sections
  191. rdimension text in round brackets
  192. Panel Surface in draft label
  193. RDIM Geometry
  194. Settings-->User Deaults
  195. Hiding Panel Edges
  196. DRAFT work slow
  197. Draft drawing view thpos change
  198. General ADP Question
  199. ADP not really cater for Structural??
  200. Fatal SPLASH Error
  201. AutoDraft Error
  202. 2D click to 3D pos
  203. Autocad 3d model use as background in pdms design model
  204. Outer Diameter of Penetration in Draft
  205. Steelwork Detailing - Can it really be done?
  206. How to Create Leader for Notes in PDMS Draft??
  207. Hatch double boundary
  208. How to customize PipeSketch back sheet?
  209. Fill Pen (Hatch)
  210. anybody know....backface pen
  211. single line shown in draft
  212. Dimension Question
  213. attach lable to tail of branch
  214. How to move around layers of different views?
  215. Created by command?
  216. SUpport Table on Foundation Location plan
  217. Draft dimension tolerances
  218. V-Secs
  219. Symbolic Label Line weight not change
  220. Command for reattach dimension???
  221. Command to delete item in Draft??
  222. Draft Administration
  223. Circle graphic in draft not nice...
  224. Draft display problem
  225. skey symbol from draft to isodraft
  226. Question about label - Symbol template with a variable text string?
  227. Taking More time to add into drawlist from design
  228. Invalid drawlist member ERROR??
  229. Creare dimension on circle
  230. Tricks for single line drawings with widgets
  231. Pdms 12 plotdrivers
  232. User-defined fill styles
  233. Dimensioning to Pnodes
  234. FillPen(Fpen) colours requirement
  235. Dimension Problems
  236. Update Background process over DEPT?
  237. Resize a View without moving Symbols, Dimmensions or Labels
  238. Rrul
  239. Text Primitives 120 character limit
  240. Cant Open Draf PDMS 12
  241. Maximum number of View
  242. How to edit outline in draft administration while filling symbols?
  243. Backface Autotagging
  244. Question about substring of a label
  245. Excel file import in DRAFT
  246. Fatal Splash Error
  247. True Type Fonts
  248. Idf format
  249. Changing Draft Defaults
  250. View limits- WRT a definite point